Boundless Way Zen is an emerging Western Zen sangha, with lineage roots in Japanese Soto and Korean Linji. From co-founder James Myoun Ford, Roshi, in a December 2016 article detailing the evolution of this “project of awakening”:

Our project as Boundless Way was to create an authentic Zen transmission within a Western expression. Along the way our understanding of the critical practices gradually matured. Today we principally offer the ancient Zen disciplines of just sitting, called shikantaza by Dogen, and koan introspection.

And here just a pause. While this reflection is largely about the institution and particularly leadership and teaching, the purpose of this project is awakening. And those other things are all about supporting our full exploration of who we are as we are. To come into Zen is not about the leadership aspect. It is about practicing, opening ourselves, digging deep, diving deep, and with that living lives of care and respect and possibility.

You can learn more about the Boundless Way mission and ideals at the sangha’s main website:

The Boundless Way Temple/Worcester Zen Center is affiliated with Boundless Way Zen along with the following centers and sanghas: