In the rush and busyness of our daily lives, we often feel disconnected from ourselves and long for deeper intimacy with what we love. By engaging in meditation and spiritual direction, we discover that what we are seeking is already here. We learn to bring attention to what is right in front of us, the ground on which we stand, the life that we are already living, but may not notice because we are looking somewhere else. Our challenge is not to gain some new spiritual insight, but to learn to appreciate the wonder of everyday life.

Most of the time, Melissa is in residence at Boundless Way Temple where she lives and offers talks and individual meetings.  The Temple schedule can be found here:

You may also schedule private sessions outside of the regular Temple schedule to explore your spiritual life and meditation practice. These are traditional Zen interviews (dokusan) which begin with clarification about how you meditate, and what you are experiencing during meditation.  We may focus on specific questions about your meditation practice, or on a koan you are practicing with.  The emphasis is always on what is alive here and now.